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Hey, I cordially welcome you all to another short but exciting article. Although I have written a post on Subway Surfers Mod APK recently, now this time I am writing for those who are interested in custom patches. As we already know Subway Surfers come with certain locked game resources. You have to play it around to earn coins for unlocking such things. But now, by using Lucky Patcher Subway Surfers Custom Patches, you can get unlimited coins, lives and many other benefits.

lucky patcher subway surfers custom patch

What is Subway Surfers Game About?

Subway Surfers is based on a very unique concept and that is an endless running game involving police chase. The player places a mark on a subway train and side standing policeman sees it. Now the player has to run around obstacles and subway rail tracks with the policeman right behind him. During this chase, the player has to overcome obstacles and collect coins simultaneously.

Subway Surfers is a premium game and it comes with locked features such as characters, levels, and scenes. A player can unlock these features by using the collected coins. But trust me, earning that much coins require a lot of effort and time.

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Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an extremely useful app developed by Chelpus. It is released for all platforms including Android, iOS and Windows PC. This powerful tool is the unofficial app but it is completely safe to use. Lucky Patcher APK file can do wonders for you. It can bypass license verifications. You can block ads appearing while gameplay. You can do in-app purchases free. Also, you can use Lucky Patcher Custom Patches for a variety of purpose including game patches, unlocking game assets and many more. You can download Lucky Patcher latest version 8.1.4 from the following link.


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What do you get with Lucky Patcher Subway Surfers Custom Patch?

Well, the answer is quite simple. Anything you want in the game. You can use Lucky Patcher Custom Patch for Subway Surfers to get the following advantages:

  • Collect unlimited Gold Coins
  • Get unlimited Keys
  • Unlimited Upgrade For Help Items
  • Unlimited bored
  • High Score
  • Unlock Characters
  • Unlock Mods in various c0untries
  • Block Ads
  • Do in-app purchases free

How to Install Custom Patch for Subway Surfers using Lucky Patcher?



Step No 1: Install Lucky Patcher (See this article for installation guide)

Step No 2: FInd Lucky Patcher App File Icon on your apps screen

Lucky Patcher Subway Surfers Custom Patch

Step No 3: Open Lucky Patcher App on your Android Phone

Lucky Patcher Subway Surfers Custom Patch Run Lucky Patcher

Step No 4: Click on Subway Surfers. You can clearly see below the name of Subway Surfers. It is clearly written that the custom patch is available for the selected app.

Lucky Patcher Subway Surfers Custom Patch Select Subway Surfers

Step No 5: You can now see a list of available options. These options are strictly due to Lucky Patcher APK.

Lucky Patcher Subway Surfers Custom Patch Menu

Step No 6: Now all you need to do is just simply click the option ‘Custom patch’ right on the top of the menu. This option will guide you in the installation of Subway Surfers Custom Patch by Lucky Patcher App Latest Version.

Lucky Patcher Subway Surfers Custom Patch Menu

Step No 7: Now, Lucky Patcher will display the information about the latest Custom Patch for Subway Surfers.

Lucky Patcher Custom Patch Information

Step No 8: Click the apply button to apply the custom patch for subway surfers to enjoy unlimited coins and keys.

Subway Surfers Custom Patch Apply

Step No 9: Just wait for some time so that the custom patch installation completes. After some time, Lucky Patcher will show completion message.

Custom Patch Install

Custom Patch for Subway Surfers Complete


After the installation finishes, you can run Subway Surfers to see the results. In the picture below, you can see that all the characters, keys are in an unlocked state. The custom patch has also given unlimited money. Moreover, you can also get unlocked boards and super powers for the players with this custom patch.

Subway Surfers Unlock


Download Custom Patch for Subway Surfers – Manual Patch

Sometimes, you want a specific patch for a specific version of the Subway Surfers game. However, Lucky Patcher App provides you with the latest custom patch. In order to cope with this situation, you can download Lucky Patcher Subway Surfers Custom Patch for Subway Surfers and patch the game manually. I am going to provide you single click, ad-free and spam-free download links for different versions of Subway Surfers game.

Subway Surfers Version 1.87.0

The patch for this version is authored by Jamison4280. This patch provides you with the following features:

  • Gather unlimited coins
  • Get unlimited keys
  • Block ads
  • Get all the characters unlocked
  • Unlock game boards
  • Many other features
Download Custom Patch

Subway Surfers Version 1.90.0

This is another amazing Custom Patch for Subway Surfers that are freely available. Andro Mod is the author of this patch. You can get following features with this patch:

  • Unlimited keys and gold coins
  • Unlocked game characters and boards
Download Custom Patch

Subway Surfers Version 1.91.2

This patch is made by Haris&Ayesha. However, with the help of this patch, you can only get coins.

Download Custom Patch

Subway Surfers Version 1.95.2

One main advantage of this patch is that it is backward compatible. This patch provides you with the following features:

  • Gather unlimited gold assets
  • Unlimited boards
  • Get the highest score
  • Unlimited help items
  • Unlock keys

Subway Surfers Version 1.97.0

This is the latest patch for subway surfers game. This patch was developed by Mostafa KA. It can help you in the following ways:

  • You can unlock all the game characters
  • This patch provides you with unlimited coins
  • It can block ads and do in-app purchases free
  • With this patch, you can get unlimited keys and boards
  • You can also get a high score with this patch
Download Custom Patch

Final Words

Lucky Patcher Subway Surfers Custom Patches has really made this easy to play around one of our favorite game with ultimate joy, ease and openness. Lucky Patcher by Chelpus has really made us cross all the barriers that would be impossible previously. All these patches are really good and secure enough to support you. So keep enjoying and don`t forget to provide your valuable feedback.



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