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I cordially welcome all of you to another interesting and informative article regarding Lucky Patcher 2018. In previous articles, I have various details regarding Lucky Patcher APK for Android, iOS, and even Windows PC systems. I once discussed a topic titled Lucky Patcher No Root APK Download {Latest Update}. Today, I am going to discuss Lucky Patcher Root version. As far as the operating system for using Lucky Patcher is concerned, it is quite clear that we can use Lucky Patcher by Chelpus on a variety of platforms. However, specifically for Android, Lucky Patcher comes in two versions: 1) No Root Version 2) Root Version. Let us first discuss the terms Root / No Root before moving towards the installation of Lucky Patcher Root version.

lucky patcher root

What does Root mean in Smartphones?

Most of you may have noted that whenever you turn a computer (with windows operating system) on. Often the login screen contains the following two types of user accounts:

  • Administrator
  • Limited User

The main difference between these two user types is the level of access to computer resources. Resources include hardware devices, software packages, files, and folders.

Administrator, as the name suggests, is a person responsible for admini9stration of the whole computer system. An administrator has unlimited access to the whole computer. An administrator can place a limit on the hard disk space quota for you to utilize. He can give you restricted access to files or folders to other users. This restricted access may include Read Only access. Read Only access means that you can read and view files. But you can`t delete/amend it or any part of it. He or she can even block USB ports and thus can prevent you from copying data from your pen drive.

A limited user, on the hand, has limited access to the whole system. He may be able to install some applications (allowed by administrator). But it is quite possible that he can not install other software packages. He can only use the assigned hard disk space quota. A limited user often has restricted access to certain files and he or she has no power to change this restricted access to full access. Similarly, he or she cannot get the benefit of hardware device blocked or locked by the Administrator.

Same is the concept with Root and No Root versions. Whenever you use your smartphone with root access, you are actually giving yourself an Administrator`s privileges. Similarly, no root means limited access. Root access gives you unlimited access to a smartphone`s resources. You can do certain interesting things using the root access.

Benefits of Using Root Access

  • You can install incompatible apps.
  • Blocked apps (unsecured apps) can also be installed.
  • Different speeds like CPU speed, 3G toggling, Screen on/off can be automated and adjusted.
  • Root mode allows users to change CPU speed. If we overclock CPU it consumes more battery but it gives the best performance in terms of speed and processing.
  • If a user underclocks a CPU, it might not give the best speed and efficiency. However, this provides us enhanced battery life.
  • You can also block ads from an Android device using the root version.
  • Backup and restoration of the whole system are possible with root access. You can not only take backup of your data like contacts, messages etc. You can also take backup of apps/games and app data. You can restore this backup to another smartphone.
  • With root access, a user can freeze a certain number of apps. Some apps are not useful for users. But these unwanted apps keep on running in the background and thus consuming CPU, RAM, GPU and Battery time. Users can block such apps and enjoy the enhanced performance.
  • Users can also change keyboard layout and themes using the root access.

Lucky Patcher Root Version

Lucky Patcher 2018 can be installed without rooting a smartphone. However, it is recommended to install it after rooting smartphone. In this way, you can use all the features of Lucky Patcher APK. You can enjoy a large number of features after installation of the Lucky Patcher Root Version.

Features of using Lucky Patcher Root Version APK

  • With Lucky Patcher Chelpus, you can block ads appearing in games or apps.
  • Using Lucky Patcher APK, you can remove unwanted apps.
  • Permission level to different apps can be altered.
  • Users can place their apps or games to the SD card and save phone memory.
  • Mod apps are easy to download and use using Lucky Patcher Download.

  • You can remove in-app purchases.
  • Unlimited game resources can be unlocked freely.
  • Backup and restoration of apps/games and related data are easy.

How to Install Lucky Patcher Root Version

  • Firstly, check whether your phone is rooted or not, You can install any suitable root checker app from Google`s Play Store.
  • Install BusyBox from play store prior to the installation of Lucky Patcher App. This is because the installation wizard of Lucky Patcher by Chelpus require access to system files.
  • Download Lucky Patcher using this link.

  • Goto Settings –> Security –> Unknown sources. Turn this option on because Lucky Patcher Download is not an official app.
  • Move to the folder where you have downloaded the APK.
  • Click on the APK file for beginning installation.
  • The installation wizard will display a warning message. But don`t worry about it. Click Install Anyway.
  • After waiting for some time, Lucky Patcher 2018 will be successfully installed on your phone. Just enjoy it.

For more detailed information regarding the installation, please read this article.

Concluding Remarks

Indeed, Lucky Patcher APK is the best patching app so far. A user can enjoy many benefits by using it. Lucky Patcher by Chelpus is available for both Rooted and Non-Rooted devices. You also have the liberty of using it on iPhone and Windows also. Hope that you have learned a lot from this article. Please do comment and give feedback.

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