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Hello Guys! I hope that you all are well. So today`s my blog article is about Lucky Patcher New Version or Lucky Patcher Latest Version (what you like to say, I mean both mean the same). Good news for Lucky Patcher APK lovers is that Lucky Patcher New Version is out now and Lucky Patcher Latest Version is 8.1.4. Lucky Patcher by Chelpus has given its lovers a new year gift as it released on January 01, 2019.

lucky patcher new version

Lucky Patcher Official App is developed by Chelpus. Lucky Patcher is totally free for download and use. Since the launch of Lucky Patcher Application by Chelpus, this APK is receiving a continuous rise in its rating, user community, user likes and downloads. Another good news is that you don`t need to go anywhere. You can download latest Lucky Patcher APK pure from this website free.  

Lucky Patcher New Version (Lucky Patcher V8.1.4)

Lucky Patcher APK Latest version 8.1.4 was released on January 01, 2019 by Chelpus. For those who are new, just to tell you what Lucky Patcher APK is all about, I am just writing a few lines. Well em….Lucky Patcher is an app that everybody wants. It blocks license verifications, unlocks game resources, provides unlimited resources, game data backup, app cloning and many more of such features. There are many other Lucky Patcher like apps, for example, AC Market, Freedom APK and Creehack APK. But I tell you, Lucky Patcher Official App by Chelpus is the best. Let me give you some details about Lucky Patcher Latest Version V8.1.4.

Name:Lucky Patcher
Latest Version:8.1.4
Release Date:January 01, 2019
Size:6.78 MB
Platforms:Android, iOS and PC Windows
Downloads:1 Million+
User Ranking:4.9 out of 5.0

Download Lucky Patcher Latest Version

For your convenience, I am providing the single click ad-free download link for downloading Lucky Patcher New and Latest Version.


Here I have placed the download link for Android. You can get more information about how to install Lucky Patcher on Android.

Lucky Patcher Features

Lucky Patcher APK gives you the power and provides you with many exciting features. You can do many interesting things by using Lucky Patcher App. Once you download and install it, you are good to go for using it. Lucky Patcher by Chelpus provides you following features:

  1. You can remove ads appearing in gameplay or app usage.
  2. By using Lucky Patcher Official Latest Version, you can bypass license verification and thus you can use paid apps without spending a single penny or cent or whatever currency you are using
  3. Lucky Patcher Application allows you to install apps on a memory card. You can even migrate pre-installed apps to SD card.
  4. Lucky Patcher app lets you create a backup of game data or app data. You can restore it as and when you like.
  5. It also helps you in unlocking game resources, that too free of cost.
  6. Lucky Patcher apkhere has made app conversion very easy and simple process.


1. Is Lucky Patcher a kind of malware?

Absolutely no. Lucky Patcher app is only an unofficial app but that doesn`t mean that it is a malware. Instead, it is extremely safe to use Lucky Patcher on Android or other smartphones.

2. Why am I unable to find Lucky Patcher on Google Play Store?

Lucky Patcher is not an official app by Chelpus. As it provides you access to paid apps free of cost. So it is banned on Google PlayStore.

3. What are the requirements for using Lucky Patcher?

For optimum performance and usage of Lucky Patcher New Version v8.1.4 you must have the following system specifications.

Android 2.2+, RAM 2 GB, Memory 1 GB

But that doesn`t mean that it can`t work on lower specifications. Lucky Patcher is quite compatible with that too.

4. Does Lucky Patcher only work on rooted devices?

Lucky Patcher works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. But it is recommended that you use it on rooted devices. To get more information for using Lucky Patcher on non-rooted devices, read the article Lucky Patcher No Root APK.

5. Does Lucky Patcher for Android is the only version?

You can use Lucky Patcher for iOS. For more information read the article. Lucky Patcher for PC Windows version is also available. In case you are interested in using Lucky Patcher on Windows PC read the article How to use Lucky Patcher for PC.



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