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This article is for iPhone lovers. A large number of people are addictive to Apple iPhone as compared to Android phones. This addiction is may be due to brand consciousness, style symbolism, performance, and security. iOS users just like Android users may wish to use free and fully-featured apps or games free of cost. So, this article will provide you with details regarding the Lucky Patcher iOS version. Lucky Patcher download iOS is Lucky Patcher iPhone Version. Lucky Patcher APK download for iOS provides you with many facilities on iPhone as well.

apple iphone X

iPhone X

The latest model launched by Apple is iPhone X. iPhone X is very attractive, powerful and intelligent smartphone introduced so far.

Features iPhone X

Some key features of this phone are as follows.

All Screen

iPhone X comes with very thin borders and gives you a feeling that you are just holding a screen in your hand. This thin border creates a very attractive screen that is very much comfortable for the eyes. This is called Super Retina Display. iPhone X comes with 5.8 inches all screen display.

OLED Screen

iPhone X screen is OLED. This screen displays sharp and bright colors.


Your face is now your identity and password. FaceID is an innovative feature introduced in iPhone. Now, you have the power of unlocking your phone with your own face. It has made smartphone security more reliable, secure, efficient and effective. You don`t need to remember passwords, pin code or pattern to unlock screen. FaceID uses more than 30,000 dots for accurate facial mapping.

Apple Pay

You can make payments for apps using your FaceID rather than pin codes.

Portrait Mode Photos

High-speed front camera enables you to capture beautiful selfies using portrait mode for blurring backgrounds. Portrait mode lighting also provides many options for lighting effects in photos.


Animojis (animated emojis) analyze your face for creating animated emojis imitating your own facial expressions.

A11 Bionic Chip

A11 Bionic….Ah…..The fastest and most efficient chip ever used in smartphones. This chip is introduced in iPhone X.

Adaptive Recognition

Powerful machine learning i.e. Artificial Intelligence algorithms are used in FaceID for recognizing changes in your facial features.

Powerful CPU and GPU

iPhone X comes with powerful CPU(s) and GPU(s) enabling you the ultimate experience for fast processing and immaculate graphics.

Better Battery and Wireless Charging

iPhone X battery is more efficient as compared to previous models. Moreover, iPhone X comes with wireless charging technology.


Siri is an intelligent personal assistant in iPhone X. It is far more intelligence as compared to Cortana. Cortana is another intelligent personal assistant introduced in Microsoft Windows 10.


iOS is a fully functional operating system just like Android and it provides very attractive, efficient and user-friendly environment to mobile users. iOS was first introduced in 2007 for iPhone. However, later it was also introduced for iPod and iPad. Currently, iPhones are using iOS 11. Lucky patcher iOS 11 is luckily available.

lucky patcher ios

The following picture depicts the iOS user interface.

iOS 11 home screen

The iOS App Store

You can download iPhone apps and games from Apple`s own play store e.g. App Store. Apple Inc. launched App Store in 2008 with about 500 initial applications. App Store is getting rich in apps and games. Currently, it is hosting about 2.2 million applications. According to stats, the total count for downloading these applications is about 130 billion times. According to an estimate, App Store will grow to host about 5 million apps or game by 2020.

lucky patcher ios

lucky patcher ios app store

Lucky Patcher iOS

Lucky Patcher, as we already know that is widely downloaded and used with Android devices for bypassing google license verification, removing ads, applying custom patches, using in-app purchases and many more. iOS users may also want to enjoy these facilities. So good news for iOS users is that lucky patcher iOS download is also available now. You can now download, install and enjoy Lucky Patcher features even on iPhone. So now you will be able to use and experience ultimate gaming on Android as well as the iOS environment. Lucky Patcher iOS is also popular because it can provide gaming data backup and application cloning. Lucky Patcher APK  download for iOS will allow iPhone users to use this useful feature.

lucky patcher for ios

Lucky Patcher iOS Features

The iOS version of lucky patcher download can facilitate users with the following features.

  • Users can now enjoy even locked features by unlocking them for free using variously available patches.
  • Lucky patcher iPhone app can also remove annoying ads appearing on iOS apps.
  • License verification is now not a problem with iPhone apps. Say big thanks to Lucky Patcher App.
  • This app provides full access to various apps installed and the smartphone itself.
  • Users can now use premium apps and premium features for free by using Lucky Patcher by Chelpus.
  • Lucky Patcher iOS will also help to bypass license verification of apple store.
  • Users will be able to get coins or gems for free. Users can use these coins and gems for unlocking different levels and features in the latest games using Lucky Patcher iOS 11.
  • It is a user-friendly app and provides very attractive, easy to use and self-exploratory user interface.
  • Users can create modified APK files of iOS apps and save them for future use by using Lucky Patcher Install iOS.
  • Lucky Patcher Chelpus comes with custom patches and manual patches. You can use whatever is applicable using latest version Lucky Patcher 2018.
  • Lucky Patcher iOS download is totally free of cost.

Requirements for Using Lucky Patcher Download iOS

In this section, I am going to discuss the pre-requisites or requirements for using Lucky Patcher on iOS. These requirements are for iOS devices. For viewing requirements for using Lucky Patcher on an android jump to the article Lucky Patcher 2019 – Download Lucky Patcher by Chelpus Latest APK {Updated}.

Lucky Patcher is freely available for android device. However, it cannot be directly downloaded on an iOS-based device using Google Play Store or iPhone App Store. There is no question about it. This is because of the fact that Lucky Patcher is not officially available for iPhone. In order to enable it for iPhone, an application called iPadian Simulator is required. So, the requirement for using Lucky Patcher iOS is iPadian Simulator. You can download this emulator by using the following link.

Download iPadian Emulator

ipdaian simulator

How to Install Lucky Patcher iOS

You can easily get lucky patcher going on your iOS-based devices by following some simple and easy steps.

  1. Download iPadian Simulator.
  2. Install on your iOS device.
  3. Launch iPadian Simulator. iPadian Simulator enables you to use other iOS apps even on Windows PC besides lucky patcher,
  4. Type Lucky Patcher in the search bar and press the Search button. Search results will be in front of you.
  5. Find the Lucky Patcher icon in the search results and tap on it. You will now be able to see install screen on your device.
  6. Tap install and proceed.
  7. Lucky Patcher downloading will be started. Please wait for the downloading process to finish. After download completion, lucky patcher iOS will automatically install on your iPhone.

Now, you can use all the useful features of lucky patcher on your iOS device.


There is now no ambiguity at all about whether lucky patcher is available for iOS or not. Yes, it’s available and most importantly available freely. However, due to the fact that Lucky Patcher is not officially available for iOS devices, you may require iPadian Simulator to serve this purpose. While you are able to use lucky patcher using this simulator, similarly iPadian Simulator also provides power to the users for using iOS apps on the Windows platform. Finally, after the installation of iPadian Simulator, you can download and install Lucky Patcher on iOS.

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