Lucky Patcher for PC {Latest Download Windows 7/8/8.1/10}

Welcome to another article about Lucky Patcher. So far I have written articles on Lucky Patcher APK, installation on Android, installation on iOS, supported games/apps, rooted version, and no root version. Now it`s the time to write an article on the ways to use lucky patcher for pc. You may have heard about playing an android game on the personal computer (PC). Haven`t you??? Doesn`t matter. The good news is that you can use android apps and play android games even on your personal laptops or desktop computers. All you require is an Android simulator.

Another good news is that you can use fully-featured games/apps even on personal computers using Lucky Patcher APK. Yes, Lucky Patcher PC  version is available. You can enjoy its benefits even if you don’t want to use it on mobile for any reason.

lucky patcher for pc

Lucky Patcher for PC

Let`s discuss a thing first which will make the idea clear to you. You, as smartphone users, use apps or play games on smartphones. However, these apps or games are not developed using smartphones. Instead, these are developed on PCs. Mobile application developers develop and test these apps on PCs. All this is done using emulators. After thorough testing, these apps are released for smartphones for download, installation, and usage.

You can download, install and use these apps even on PCs. Whatever smartphone app you want, whatever smartphone game you like can now be used on your computer screens. You can enjoy games on big screens. You can also use a richer set of gaming controls using a keyboard, mouse, and gamepads. All you require is an emulator. You may face the following problems while using premium apps or games.

  • Google ads appearing while gameplay causing distractions
  • Locked features which require either fee or coins/gems for unlocking
  • Locked resources like characters, maps, vehicles, levels and many more. Unlocking again requires payments/coins or gems
  • Unwanted system permissions posing a threat to system security
  • In-app purchases requiring payment transfer
  • Google license verification doesn`t allow user unlicensed features without paying a subscription fee. Subscription fee varies from one app to another

Once again, you require an effective, efficient, free of cost and easy problem solver to solve the above-mentioned problems for you on PCs just like Lucky Patcher APK here solved on Android or iOS. But the good news is that Lucky Patcher for PC is also now available. Hurraaaah!!!!!!!

You can now install Lucky Patcher by Chelpus as Lucky Patcher for PC APK on your PCs. By installing lucky patcher, you can enjoy fully-featured smartphones apps/games on PCs. The only requirement for using Lucky Patcher for PC is an Emulator.


An emulator is a software enabling one environment to behave like another environment.  It gives you a simulated environment to have a look around and experiment. An emulator provides you with many options. Smartphone emulators are used for two reasons:

  1. Testing apps or games on PC emulator is easy in comparison with testing on smartphones
  2. It is easy, efficient and sometimes effective to run apps on an emulator. You can easily use your PC resources like pictures, files and many more

lucky patcher for pc

Features of Using Lucky Patcher for PC

Lucky Patcher for PC facilitate the computer users in many ways. Some key features are as follows:

  • Big screen gives you better resolutions and details as compared to smartphone screens.
  • You can enjoy detailed sound effects on big speakers.
  • A richer set of game controls allow you to play games effectively, efficiently and easily. Now you don`t need to swipe fingers across the screen. You can use a keyboard, mouse, touchpad and even gamepads.
  • You don`t need to worry about SD card space anymore. Normally a PC has an average of 500 GB of memory nowadays. So you can install as many games as you like.
  • By using Lucky Patcher for PC you now have the power to unlock an unlimited number of games and apps.
  • Google ads can also be blocked for games even on PC now.
  • You can now even take back up of games and game data no matter how much space it takes.
  • Using Lucky Patcher PC is somewhat more secure. Although, there is no question about its security issue. However, for the security conscious users, it is a good option to use it for patching on PC rather on mobile devices. Because your mobile phones may contain internet banking apps, confidential messages, and contacts.
  • Lucky Patcher APK version can make App Cloning much easier.
  • Users can now prevent sensitive undesirable permissions required for app/game installation even for PC too by using Lucky Patcher App.
  • Lucky patcher Custom Patches can be applied even on PCs with this APK.
  • Google PlayStore`s license verification poses licensing problems in premium apps/games even on PC. But now, thanks to Lucky Patcher by Chelpus, license verification on PC is not a problem anymore.
  • You are now free to use premium apps for free of cost on big screens now.
  • Lucky Patcher PC Version is also available free of cost.
  • Lucky Patcher by Chelpus helps you on PC in unlocking game characters, vehicles, levels and other resources.
  • Using this version of Lucky Patcher APK you can collect unlimited coins and gems.

How to Install Lucky Patcher for PC APK

Step 1: Download any suitable emulator

Step 2: Install emulator on PC

Step 3: You can download any of the following two. The first one is for Lucky Patcher Root Version while the second one is for Lucky Patcher No Root Version.

Download Lucky Patcher APK for PC

Download Lucky Patcher APK (Root) Download Lucky Patcher APK (No Root)

Step 4: Install Lucky Patcher for PC APK.

For more information regarding Lucky Patcher Installation, you can read this very informative article.

Step 5: Patch different games or apps and enjoy

Recommended Emulator for Android

BlueStacks is one of the best emulators for simulating the Android operating system. Moreover, BlueStacks is very much compatible with Lucky Patcher for PC. It comes with a variety of Android versions and customization in terms of smartphone CPU, GPU, and RAM. So, you have pretty many options available. On the other hand, the smartphones come with limited functionality.

bluestacks for pc

You can download the latest version of BlueStacks emulator by using the following link:

Download BlueStacks for PC

Final Words

Finally, Lucky Patcher APK for PC is here. It enables you to install any game you like. Now you can enjoy full-featured games, apps with unlocked features, freely available game resources and many more for free of cost. Moreover, you can now play games more efficiently using a mouse, keyboard etc. Hats off to Chelpus for releasing this APK version. You are not limited to using Lucky Patcher only on smartphones now. You can use it on any PC of yours. Indeed its an amazing tool for users.

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