Lucky Patcher Custom Patches 2018-{Updated List 2018}

Once again, a very warm welcome to all of you to another exciting and informative article. I suppose that you people have read my articles on Lucky Patcher APK 2018. This APK is very useful for smartphone app lovers. Moreover, Lucky Patcher Download iOS and Lucky Patcher Download for PC are easily available. Lucky Patcher helps users in many ways. A large number of Lucky Patcher Custom Patches are available on the internet for using all the exciting features of this powerful and useful APK. This article is all about Lucky Patcher Custom Patches 2018.

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lucky patcher custom patches

Lucky Patcher Custom Patches

Lucky Patcher APK 2018 allows its users to download and patch this APK with Lucky Patcher Custom Patches. You might be thinking about the term patch. A patch is just like a small piece of code that adds certain extra functionality to any application. You can apply patches for converting a trial version of apps to full versions. All you need is to download the required patch. Patching code does the magic work for you by changing the normal workflow of any app.


You can only patch an app or game if:

  1. Lucky Patcher is installed (obviously)
  2. Patch is available

Before you Apply a Custom Patch – A Piece of Advice

Lucky Patcher APK 2018 provides a color scheme. Each of the application present on your smartphone is colored with a specific purpose. This coloring process is not haphazard. Actually, app coloring is done in order to classify apps or games. The color scheme involves following colors

  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Orange

lucky patcher custom patches colors

Each color shows a specific type of app. Colors and associated applications are discussed below:

  • Yellow color indicates that custom patches for the app are available on Lucky Patcher APK
  • Purple colored app is actually a system start-up app
  • Green color shows that an app can be registered on Google play store and can be played without connecting to PlayStore
  • Blue color clearly indicates that ads appearing in the app can be successfully removed
  • Red color shows that you cannot patch the app
  • Orange color is assigned to a system app

One thing is quite clear that you cannot update the red colored app. A piece of advice is that please don’t try to patch Purple app too. A purple app as discussed earlier is a system start-up app. This type of app runs whenever you start your smartphone. So, when you patch this app then patch might interfere with the normal workflow of the app.

How to Apply Lucky Patcher Custom Patches?

You can follow a few simple and easy steps for applying Lucky Patcher Custom Patches. These steps are easy and simple to understand.

STEP 1: Open Lucky Patcher APK and look for the app you want to patch. Tap on the app. Lucky Patcher app will display a menu. Find the option “Menu of Patches”.

lucky patcher custom patches 1

Step 2: Lucky Patcher APK will display a list of variously available patches for the selected app. You can select any one of them. However, if you want to apply Lucky Patcher Custom Patches, scroll and find the option Custom patch.

lucky patcher custom patches 2

Step 3: Lucky Patcher will display a list of custom patches available for the app. You can select a single patch or multiple patches from the list. Select patches of your choice click the button Patch at the bottom.

lucky patcher custom patches 3

You will have to wait for some time after which patch will be installed successfully. You can apply as many patches as you like and as much is available.

Download Lucky Patcher Custom Patches

In this section, I will provide you with a list of custom patches available for different popular games or apps. You can also download custom patches from here.

Custom Patch for Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving is a very addictive and entertaining game for driving lovers. You can travel around the streets and roads. A variety of cameras are present in this game that gives you the ultimate experience of driving. dr driving

The latest patch is available for Dr. Driving game. Aamir Buneri is the author of this amazing and powerful patch. This patch provides the following features:

  • By applying this patch, you can get unlimited coins
  • This patch also unlocks game resources like cars
  • You can also get unlimited rubes by employing the patch
  • It also provides unlimited recycled coins

Download Dr. Driving Patch

Custom Patch for Idle Farming Empire

Idle Farming Empire is yet another exciting game. It provides you with a real-time experience of farming. You can collect crops, grow crops, control weather and invest your earned money. This game provides very attractive graphics. You can invest your earned money to become richer. You can play this game offline.

idle farming empire

ANGRY BIRD has developed the patch for this game. The beauty of this patch is that it is compatible with all the versions of this game. You can use the following exciting features of this patch:

  • Collect unlimited money
  • Unlock all the new crops
  • Unlock land

Download Idle Farming Empire Custom Patch

Custom Patch for Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer is a very addictive 3D racing game. This game provides you best driving experience and realistic control. The main advantage of this game is an endless journey. You can now enjoy a variety of mods, vehicles and race types. Customization of your vehicles adds more to the game.

traffic racer

Ashish.d11 has developed a custom patch for traffic racer game. This patch unlocks all the cars, roads and other game resources. It also provides us with unlimited cash and upgrades. You can download this patch using the following link:

Download Traffic Racer Custom Patch

Custom Patch for Modern Sniper

Modern Sniper is one of the best action games available on the play store. This game also provides you with a variety of snipers. You can use any of them and get the nail-biting experience of this action game. It is a very addictive game with a lot of game resources.

modern sniper

In order to enjoy unlimited features of this game, you can download the custom patch developed by Asish.d11. This custom patch provides you the following features:

  • Unlimited cash
  • Unlimited resources

Download Custom Patch for Modern Sniper

Custom Patch for Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an endless and exciting game in which you can run and dodge coming trains. Meanwhile, you get coins for unlocking game features. The main theme of the game requires you to run as fast as you can on a metro railway track with a policeman chasing you.

subway surfers

Haris&Ayesha has developed a  custom patch for the subway surfer game. This patch provides unlimited and unlocked game resources. Another plus point is that this patch can work with any version of the game.

Download Subway Surfers Custom Patch

Custom Patch for Chess

Chess is a very exciting, time taking and a logical game that tests your brain power. Chess is very popular among different age group people. Chess game allows you to practice, play against a computer opponent or play a two player game. You can also participate in an online competition.


Onkel Toni has developed a custom patch for chess. This custom patch provides you with a variety of options.

Download Chess Custom Patch


1. What is the meaning of Lucky Patcher Custom Patch?

A custom patch is just like a piece of code that makes some useful changes to an existing code in order to alter its workflow. There are many Lucky Patcher Custom Patches available with each having own features.

2. Can Lucky Patcher patch all the games?

No, Lucky Patcher can`t be used for all the games. However, most of the games can be patched using Lucky Patcher APK 2018.

3. Why Lucky Patcher APK is not patching some games?

Some games run online because such games have their own operating servers. Game data is stored on servers instead of a local Android storage device. That`s why Lucky Patcher APK is unable to patch such games?

4. Is Lucky Patcher by Chelpus a virus?

No is the answer. When you download Lucky Patcher APK by Chelpus it is in the form of .apk file. Android systems show warning whenever such a file is placed in its memory. However, don`t be afraid. Lucky Patcher is not a virus.

5. Is Lucky Patcher 2018 harmful?

Lucky Patcher 2018 APK is completely safe to use. This app has an ever-increasing number of downloads. Due to this popularity, it is obvious that it is perfectly fine to use this app.

6. Is Lucky Patcher for iOS only?

No, Lucky Patcher is available for Android, iPhone and even PC Windows. You can use Lucky Patcher APK on a variety of platforms.

7. Is Lucky Patcher illegal to use?

Well, it all depends upon its use and developer of the app you are patching. As far as backup, restore, app cloning etc are concerned, it’s perfectly legal to use Lucky Patcher APK by Chelpus.


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