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Hello everyone. Hope that all of you are fine. This article is about custom patches of Lucky Patcher for COC (Clash of Clans). In this article I will explain the benefits that you can get by using Lucky Patcher COC.

Clash of Clans is becoming increasingly popular among the Android game community. This game is all about growing your village by using various strategies. Clash of Clans gameplay is online. In gameplay, each player is chief of a trained fighting troop called ‘Clan’. So, a player has to plan and attack other ‘Clans’ to get resources like Gold, Gems, and Elixir. Clash of Clans (COC) is one of the most addictive games of all times. It keeps users guessing, playing and indulged in the game. The whole game is organized around Clans and Clashes among Clans. Clan clashes take place due to the fact that a Clan requires various resources to build up his own village. So, you keep on going through levels and clashes for resource collection. Sometimes, you even have to pay real money for generating resources. Lucky Patcher COC provides various custom patches for this wonderful game. Lucky Patcher Custom Patches for COC provides you with the power to play this wonderful game even without spending a single penny.

lucky patcher for coc

Lucky Patcher for COC

Clash of Clans is, as discussed earlier, is a multi-platform game. It is a very addictive one. Clash of Clans was first introduced for iOS and later it was also released for Android. The gameplay requires users to be online while playing the game. In the gameplay, different players form communities. Each community has its own village and is actually a group of trained fighters. These groups called ‘Clans’ attack each other to gain resources possessed by others. There are four types of resources in this game called Gold, Gems, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. Each resource has own capabilities and provides you the feature of upgrading troops, skill levels, and protection level.

A player has two choices in the gameplay: either a player has to keep on attacking enemies for the collection of resources or a player has to do in-app purchases for upgrading ‘Clan’ to be in the game. Most of us are somewhat not willing to pay money just for the game. So, either we get disappointed and leave the game. Wait, wait and wait. It`s not over for you my friends. Lucky Patcher APK has made it possible to be in the game without spending that much effort. Lucky Patcher by Chelpus also enables us to unlock game features and access to unlimited game resources without spending a single penny or buck or whatever currency you are using. All you have to do is to download Lucky Patcher for your smartphone or personal computer and install it. For your convenience I will provide you the download link and other useful links in this article.

Using Lucky Patcher for Clash of Clans – Recipe

This article supposes that you are already familiar with downloading, installing and using Lucky Patcher. However, if you are new to Lucky Patcher you can visit links provided at the end of the article for detailed information. There are just a few simple steps for using Lucky Patcher for COC (Clash of Clans).



lucky patcher apkFind and open Lucky Patcher Application from your application menu

lucky patcher cocFrom the list of installed apps or games find Clash of Clans

lucky patcher custom patchrsClick on the icon of Clash of Clans game. Lucky Patcher APK here will show a menu containing various items. Select the item text custom patches.

lucky patcher custom patches for coc

Lucky Patcher will display a list of all the available custom patches. Find the appropriate patch from a list of available patches and click on it for the application.

lucky patcjer for coc custom patches

A patch may show a sub-menu for certain other options (Change options as you like)

lucky patchar custom patches

You may have to wait for sometime for the patch installation.

clash of clans lucky patcher

Open Clash of Clans game

lucky patcher clash of clans custom patch

Click on the option and buy gems free of cost. You can buy as many gems as you want without paying a single penny. Lucky Patcher Custom Patches, once applied, remain there as long as you want.

Useful Links (As Promised)

You can download latest version of Lucky Patcher APK from this download link.

Download Lucky Patcher for Android

In case you are new to Lucky Patcher, read the following article for a complete tutorial for the installation of Lucky Patcher APK by Chelpus.

Installation Guide

Following article will help you to understand the prices of various resources in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans resource in-app purchase prices

Final Words

Lucky Patcher APK here has made it extremely easy to download and play the games requiring an extensive amount to be in the game. This tool is also free of cost, easy to use and rich in terms of custom patches. Clash of Clans being the most widely played strategy game requires effort and money in terms of its continuation. Lucky Patcher for COC helps the community lovers of this game to play it with more enthusiasm, enjoyment, excitement, entertainment, and joy. I personally recommend you to use Lucky Patcher for Clash of Clans COC to get the most of it. Enjoy all.

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