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You people might have learned a lot about Candy Crush game. So far, Candy Crush is one of the most loveable games on the smartphone platform. Being an arcade puzzle game, Candy Crush requires you to progress in a level by level manner. So, initially, you are at level-1 of the game. Each subsequent level unlocks after the completion of a previous level. Each level has an associated difficulty too and it may require certain resources like colors, lollipops, coins or gems to cope with the difficulty. You can acquire these resources by either extraordinary performances or real money payment. So, in this article which is titled as Lucky Patcher Candy Crush, I am going to explain that how you people can use Lucky Patcher patches for Candy Crush to enjoy its full features.

lucky patcher candy crush



Candy Crush

As I have told you earlier, Candy Crush is one of the most exciting puzzle game. By far, it is very much popular on both Android lovers and iOS lovers. Candy Crush Saga is another name of this game. Although, Candy Crush was initially created for Facebook in 2012. Luckily, this game is now available for Windows PC and Windows phone platform also. Candy Crush game is actually a match-three game and it requires a player to swap two candies for matching three same candies. Whenever three candies match, these candies are eliminated from the play board. The removal of candies creates space for other candies to move down. In this way, a player goes on and on.

lucky patcher candy crush

Candy Crush Saga is organized in levels. Initially, a player is at the first level while all other levels are locked. A player plays one level, completes it and moves to the next level. An important constraint for level completion is the number of moves. A player is given a fixed number of moves for completing a level.

Initially, a player has five lives. Whenever a player loses a level, one life is lost. When a player loses all five lives, then he or she has to pay out for purchasing life in order to play the game. I know that most of you hate this purchase. So, for doing this with ZERO cost, all you require is to install an app named Lucky Patcher APK here.

Lucky Patcher Candy Crush

Lucky Patcher APK is a very popular unofficial app by Chelpus. It is available for Android platform basically. However, you can use it on both iOS and Windows PC. To read more about Lucky Patcher, you can read this article. Lucky Patcher Candy Crush helps you in various ways and provides you with the liberty of playing the game. Lucky Patcher APK for Candy Crush helps you in the following ways:

  1. As I have told you earlier that in Candy Crush Saga, a player has five lives. Each time a player loses a level, single life is lost. When all of the lives are consumed, you have to buy a life using real money. Lucky Patcher APK by Chelpus allows you to gather unlimited lives. It also lets you purchase life without spending money. It means that you can now purchase a life with ZERO cost to continue your gameplay.
  2. Candy Crush Saga puzzle game has various levels. A play has to move sequentially through these levels starting from the first level. You can unlock all such levels using Lucky Patcher app.
  3. Each level has certain difficulty. It means that sometimes it is hard enough to complete a level without any resource or superpower. In order to acquire a superpower, either you have to perform in an extraordinary manner or you have to purchase a superpower with real money via credit card etc. Lucky Patcher APK by Chelpus let you get this superpower freely.

Clearly, Lucky Patcher solves all such problems. In the coming section, I will give you a detailed tutorial about using Lucky Patcher for patching Candy Crush Saga. Stay tuned…..

How to Use Lucky Patcher APK for Candy Crush Saga?

I am going to give you a step-wise recipe for applying Lucky Patcher patches on Candy Crush Saga.

Step No 1: Download Lucky Patcher. For single step, ad-free download, click here. After downloading, install Lucky Patcher APK on your smartphone. After installation, just open Lucky Patcher Application. If you already have Lucky Patcher on your cell phone, simply just open it.

lucky patcher candy crush

Step No 2: In Lucky Patcher APK here, scroll down and find Candy Crush Saga.

lucky patcher candy crush

Step No 3: Click on Candy Crush Saga. A menu will appear just below the Candy Crush Saga game.

lucky patcher candy crush

Step No 4: In Lucky Patcher Candy Crush Saga menu, click on Open Menu of Patches option. Lucky Patcher APK on Candy Crush Saga will display a list of available patches.

lucky patcher candy crush

Step No 5: In Lucky Patcher Candy Crush Saga Patches menu, click on option CustomPatch-applied APK.

lucky patcher candy crush

Lucky Patcher Candy Crush APK will display a list of available custom patches. Scroll around to see through a list of Candy Crush Saga Custom Patches.

lucky patcher candy crush

Step No 6: Select the custom patch (you want to apply) for Candy Crush Saga in Lucky Patcher APK. After selection, click the Patch button at the bottom.

lucky patcher candy crush

Step No 7: After pressing the Patch button, Lucky Patcher by Chelpus will display the details of the custom patch for Candy Crush Saga APK.

lucky patcher candy crush

Step No 8: In Lucky Patcher Candy Crush Saga APK, click Apply for applying the selected patch. You may have to wait for sometime to get Candy Crush Patched. After that, the game is all yours.

You can apply the same patch as I have done and verify it by opening Candy Crush Saga.

Final Words

I hope that you have learned a lot from this article so far. I have tried to make this article as interactive and easy as it should be. After all, the matter is that you are here to learn about playing Candy Crush Saga without spending a penny. So, Lucky Patcher APK is your app. Lucky Patcher for Candy Crush has made it possible for you to enjoy the unlimited lives, unlocked levels, unlocked game resources, and many other things. Indeed, Lucky Patcher by Chelpus is an ultimate app for the game lovers. Please comment and provide feedback for future enhancements. Have a nice day.


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