Lucky Patcher APK Here {Download Latest Lucky Patcher Chelpus 2018 from Here}

Lucky Patcher APK is a widely used app on smartphones with different motives. You can block adds appearing while playing games and making in-app purchases free. With Lucky Patcher App, you can also use fully featured apps or games free of cost, disabling unwanted permissions required for different apps. Users can also apply custom or manual patches. Lucky Patcher APK here solves all of your problems as mentioned above. With Lucky Patcher Chelpus here, you now have the power to do whatever you want on different mobile apps and games.

lucky patcher apk here

Lucky Patcher APK Here

Lucky Patcher is for game lovers on smartphones. Not all the games are free and full-featured. Instead, a certain number of games, though downloadable freely, often have locked features. Users have to either pay for unlocking such features or have to collect a certain number of coins/gems to enjoy full features. Game lovers may have to buy google license for this purpose.

If you are not willing to surf money, you will have to use limited features of a game also known as a Trial version. Trial version often comes with limited time period access. It’s just like using unregistered windows or software. Such software keeps on reminding you regarding the remaining time left for usage.

A large number of google play store games contain adds. These ads pop up while playing games and causes a distraction for users on mobile screen. Moreover, a large number of games also involve in-app purchases. Upon installation, apps or games ask for different permissions such as Contact access, location access, gallery access and many more. At a certain number of occasions, users clearly feel that some permissions are totally irrelevant.

Major Features of Lucky Patcher APK Here

Lucky Patcher APK here provides the following benefits:

  1. Lucky Patcher APK can help you in blocking the ads appearing on mobile screen while playing a game or using an app.
  2. Lucky Patcher by Chelpus can also help you in unlocking locked features of different games and that`s too free of cost.
  3. You can also acquire an unlimited number of coins and gems by using Lucky Patcher Custom Patches. Coins and gems can also help in unlocking features.
  4. Game resources such as characters, maps, levels, vehicles, and skins can also be unlocked with spending a total amount of ZERO. Yes, ZERO cost. Trust me its one hundred percent true.
  5. License verification by play store is not a problem anymore. Licenses are required for using fully featured apps. Without a license, a user cannot entertain himself with a fully-featured game. He or She has to buy a license.
  6. With Lucky Patcher 2018, you can now modify the permissions given to any app or game. Sometimes, you may have noticed that you are installing a game and it is asking for permission to access your personal messages. “What the hell is this”, you may say. However, if you want to use it, you have to give permission. Now, with lucky patcher APK here, you can now disable such allowed permissions. This increases your confidence in your own security.
  7. You can now make your favorite apps or games to be system apps. A system app is always there for you even after a phone reset.
  8. Lucky patcher games can be facilitated with free of cost in-app purchases.
  9. Lucky patcher APK here helps you in saving your smartphone`s internal memory. To do this, you can migrate apps from internal SD card to External SD card. You can now take backup of your game and app data for future use.
  10. App cloning is a major feature of Lucky Patcher App. This feature is very useful for users having multiple email accounts, WhatsApp accounts, and facebook accounts. Mobile phone companies are also launching this feature with the name of AppTwin.

Download Lucky Patcher APK Here

Lucky Patcher APK here is not an official app. So, it’s not available on Google Play Store. However, you can download it by using the following link:

Download Lucky Patcher by Chelpus APK

download lucky patcher apk here

Platform Support for Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher APK here is supported by android, windows, and ios. For getting more information regarding its installation and usage on different platforms, you can read the following articles:

lucky patcher apk here for android

lucky patcher apk here for ios

lucky patcher apk here for pc

Games Supported By Lucky Patcher APK Here

Lucky Patcher APK here supports the following popular games:

  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Hill Climb Racing
  • My Talking Tom
  • Real Cricket
  • Temple Run 2
  • Pinball Arcade
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne
  • Small Cops Heat
  • Terra Fighter
  • Monster Defender
  • Real Cricket 17
  • Puzzle Craft 2
  • Stunt Car Racing – Multiplayer
  • Fruit Ninja

To read more about games supported by Lucky Patcher APK here in 2018, please read the article Lucky Patcher Games {Lucky Patcher Supported Games Updated List 2018}.




1. Is it secure to use this app?

Approximately about 400million users have downloaded and installed this app. So, statistically, it is quite safe to use.

2. How Lucky Patcher APK Here works?

Lucky patcher APK here performs different operations upon an app or game by making certain modifications in it. In short, you have to only download and install this app and the remaining work will be done by this app.

3. Is lucky patcher iOS available?

Yes, this app is absolutely available for not only Android but also for iOS-based devices. Lucky Patcher iOS Download, now, enables you to patch on iOS devices.

4. Is it necessary to use this APK on rooted devices?

No, it is not absolutely necessary to use it on rooted devices. So, now you can use this app even on non-rooted devices. Thanks to Chelpus, non-rooted version is also available. For more information and detail, please read this article.

No Root APK Download {Latest Update 2018}

5. Can I use Lucky Patcher APK here on Windows personal computer?

Lucky Patcher APK here can be used on personal computers with Windows operating system by using lucky patcher PC version. All you have to do is to install any android simulator. You can then download and install this app on the simulator.

To read more about using lucky patcher PC version, please read my article.

Conclusion and Final Words

Lucky patcher APK here is a useful patcher for mobile game lovers who wish to use fully-featured games/apps free of cost. It is readily available and that`s too free of cost. You can easily download and install this app on a variety of platforms and enjoy uninterrupted fully-featured games by unlocking features freely. By applying variously available Lucky Patcher Custom Patches in this app, repeatedly appearing ads are also moved to a hidden state. As a result, you can now play uninterrupted games. You can use custom patches to unlock costly game resources.

Above all you now not have to worry about installing apps of common interest again and again. Conclusively, you can make an app, a system app. Another power you are provided with is the Backup. Finally, you can also use app cloning feature to create multiple copies of the same app. Due to security concerns, many unwanted app permissions can now be disabled by using Lucky Patcher App here. In short, it’s just an amazing and immaculate app for smartphone app lovers.

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