Download Lucky Patcher Alternatives – [Best Lucky Patcher Like Apps]

Hi! to everyone reading this article. I guess you might have installed Lucky Patcher APK on your cell phones and are probably making most from it. Lucky Patcher app is indeed a great app that is becoming increasingly popular among cell phone users. Even Lucky Patcher for iOS version is also available for iPhone lovers. Thanks to Lucky Patcher by Chelpus, it is now even possible to use Lucky Patcher latest APK for Windows PC. I thought you people might be wondering about any alternative in case of unavailability of Lucky Patcher (though its not gonna happen). So, in view of my readers, I am writing this article to share some latest information regarding Best Lucky Patcher Alternatives. I will also provide spam-free, ad-free and single stepped links for downloading Lucky Patcher Alternatives.

Why we use Lucky Patcher?

Entertainment is an important part of life as it relaxes you. In our old days, we as children used to play various games involving some others of our same age group. We used to play cricket, football, baseball etc while growing young. But the fact is that with the passage of time we are becoming more and more busy. We may be active professionally but we are growing weak day by day due to our no involvement in entertainment activities. Sports, once considered as hobby, are now considered as waste of time. Card games, chess are also facing same situation at personal level. Although these games are widely played at different competitions. But at personal level, these games are loosing importance.

So what is the alternate??? The answer is the CELL PHONE. We are now confined to cell phones. Cell phones always come with games. You people remember when you used cell phones with beep sound and black & white screen color? Those cell phones like Nokia 3310 etc also contained 4 to 5 games. We emerged from these old phones to Symbian OS phones. Symbian phones provided the facilities of application installation in the form of .jar or .jad files.

In the modern era, technology has altered our trends towards smartphones. These smartphones are advance in terms of hardware and software support. A modern day smartphone comes with considerable amount of RAM, CPU and data storage space. Android is the most widely used and most widely updated operating systems for modern era smartphones. Although. iOS is also liked by majority of people. But Android by now is the most loved one. PlayStore, another sophisticated app from Google, allows us to search, download, review and install various kinds of apps including games. Android based games are rich in graphics, sound, functions and customization.

Problems of Android Apps/Games

However, some problems are associated with Android games or apps. In case you are new to the topic, you can understand what these problems are actually. However, if you are familiar with these problems, just move on and scroll down a bit. I have many more information for you to read.

  • Some Android games are not ad-free.
  • The games downloaded from PlayStore are sometimes licensed.
  • Games/Apps often come with locked game resources.
  • You often require to pay for unlocking such resources or for getting licences.
  • You have to play levels of a game again and again to gather coins and gems for unlocking resources.

Lucky Patcher, along-with some other patching apps are useful for this purpose. For more details you can read my article.

Lucky Patcher Alternatives

So, far Lucky Patcher apk is the most popular patcher for Android games or apps. However, in case you face any problem regarding installation or configuration of Lucky Patcher latest APK on your smartphone, I have wrote this article for you to get some information regarding Lucky Patcher alternatives APK.


Following is a list of Top 5 best Lucky Patcher alternative apps.

  1. Freedom APK
  2. Creehack APK
  3. ACMarket APK
  4. Cheat Engine APK
  5. Leo PlayCard APK

Don`t go anywhere. In the coming section, I am going to discuss about Lucky Patcher Alternative APK. I will also provide you the download links for these APK alternatives.

Freedom APK

freedom apkThe Freedom APK is another powerful app that provides you with most of the features of Lucky Patcher by Chelpus APK. This APK helps you to bypass in-app purchases and licence verification mechanisms. Freedom APK latest version facilitates you with unlimited coins and gems. You can download many custom patches for obtaining various facilities. But, Freedom APK only works with rooted devices. Lucky Patcher APK by Chelpus, on the other hand has two versions: 1) Lucky Patcher Root APK and 2) Lucky Patcher No Root APK.

Download Freedom APK Free

Creehack APK

creehack apkOne of the very useful APK alternative to Lucky Patcher by Chelpus is Creehack by Creeteam. Creehack APK provides very self explanatory and attractive user interface to work with. It is also an unofficial APK. So you cannot find it on the PlayStore. This APK allows you to create modified versions of Android games. In addition to this, you can get many facilities from this APK as from Lucky Patcher APK. However, Creehack APK works only on Android devices. As a plus point, you can use Creehack on both rooted and non-rooted versions.

Download Creehack APK Free


Lucky Patcher by Chelpus is not a single solution for removing ads, removing licence verification and getting unlimited app/game resources. There are many more APKs like Freedom APK, Creehack APK, ACMarket APK for this purpose. But the fact is that by far, Lucky Patcher APK is the most popular and widely used app in this regard. Reasons are quite obvious. First, Lucky Patcher is availabe for Android, iOS and PC while other APKs only run on an Android system. Secondly, Lucky Patcher works for both rooted and non-rooted devices. Lucky Patcher Custom Patches provide you with a lot of downloadable and patch able patches for ultimate experience.

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