Lucky Patcher 2019 – Download Lucky Patcher by Chelpus Latest APK {Updated}

The modern age, portable Android apps, and games are getting fame at a very fast pace.  The major focus of app developers is to provide an opportunity for mobile device users to have various interactive problem-solving tools and entertaining games for passing leisure time. Some games and apps are free of cost while the best one falls into the category of paid apps. Paid stuff!!!! a big problem for community users. Today I will be going to discuss an exciting smartphone app called Lucky Patcher.

Trial versions (another problem by the way) of apps and games provide limited and locked features. Unlocking the feature requires coin purchase or full app purchase. But thanks to Lucky Patcher, paid stuff costs 0$ to users for usage. Users can now enjoy paid apps and games free of cost by using Lucky Patcher APK. The latest version of this APK is Lucky Patcher 2019. Lucky Patcher latest version 2019 is indeed a very powerful tool.

lucky patcher

Size                                                                                  About 7 MB

Version                                                                           7.2.5

Download Latest Version                                           Click Here to Download Latest Version

Rating                                                                             4.5 out of 5.0

Category                                                                         Tool

Developer                                                                       Chelpus

Downloads and Installs                                               400+ millions

Supported Platforms                                                    Android, iOS and Windows

Latest Release                                                                April, 2018

Cost                                                                                  Free

In the coming sections, I will try to explain each and everything about this amazing app.

Lucky Patcher APK

Whenever we install apps or games from the app store, we are faced with two big problems. First, paid apps that we can`t use free of cost. Second, spam or unwanted adds showing on a mobile screen which is obviously annoying. Lucky Patcher by Chelpus solves both of these problems easily and efficiently.  So its more of a Cracking Tool instead of Hacking Tool. By using it, users can now use apps or games free of cost and without spam ads or interruptions. Lucky Patcher Chelpus is a compactly sized app having only 6.5 MB in size. Lucky Patchar comes with multi-lingual and multi-platform support. Google may detect it as a virus because of cracking abilities. However, it is a completely safe tool to use.

Features of Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher app facilitates users with the following features:

Blocks ads: You need not worry about the irritating ads and popups appearing while using an app or playing a game. Lucky Patcher 2019 assists in blocking such ads. By following a few simple steps, you can now get rid of the annoying ads. Lucky Patcher remove ads by using few simple and straightforward steps.

Unlocks paid features of games and apps: Locked features of paid apps and games are easily unlocked by using this APK. You can now easily use and enjoy the unlocked features by using Lucky Patcher Download link. Don`t worry I will provide the download links.

Free game resources, coins, and gems: Certain number of games involve feature unlocking and other resources with the help of collected coins and gems. Collection of such a large number of coins or gems requires a considerable amount of time and effort. Lucky Patcher APK download solves this problem by allowing you to access unlimited coins and gems.

Removes license verification: Users were not able to either use paid apps or use full features due to licensing problems. But thanks to this APK, license verification is not a problem now. Lucky Patcher custom patches will allow you to bypass license verification, thus allowing to use fully feature loaded apps free of cost.

Modifies app permissions: Apps or games require a certain number of permissions when you try to install them. Some of the permissions include access to device identity, gallery, contacts, messages and many more. You may get astonished that why a game requires access to personal messages or gallery. Some permissions may be related while others being not related to apps or games. A question regarding personal security and security threats rises in our minds. Lucky Patcher download 2019 provides you the power of app permission modification. You can easily disable any non-concerning permission.

Unlock paid apps/games: Paid apps or games can now be used free of cost. The Lucky Patcher for games unlocks paid games to let you enjoy them freely.

App conversion to System app: System apps are persistent ones. Even if you reset the phone, system apps are always there to use. You may want some apps to be there for you even after phone reset so that you may need not to perform installation again and again. With the help of Lucky Patcher latest version 2019 free download, you can convert any app or game into a system app.

Incompatibility issue resolution: Compatibility issue may be faced by some Android users while using apps. Compatibility issues can now be resolved by applying a custom patch in Lucky Patcher original 2019.

In-app purchases: Lucky Patcher new version 2019 download facilitates making in-app purchases silently. Moreover, these in-app purchases are also free of cost.

App migration to memory card: Are you worried about your phone`s internal memory? Is it becoming full? It’s not a problem anymore now. You can migrate any app or game from your phone`s internal memory to external memory card for saving the internal memory. Lucky Patcher APK does it easily.

App cloning: Some of you may like to use multiple E-Mail accounts for family, office colleagues, school friends etc. Some may like to use multiple Facebook, twitter or WhatsApp accounts for obvious reasons. App cloning enables a user to employ an exact copy of any application with a different workspace. Lucky Patcher APK download has made app cloning task very simple and effective. App cloning is useful when you have multiple accounts for the same application and you actually want to use them.

Backup: You can easily backup your apps and app data with this app. The backup can be stored on an external memory card or cloud storage for future access and usage.

Multi-lingual support: This app comes with multi-lingual support. So its easier to understand and use.

Multi-platform support: This app is available for both Android and Windows PC.

Controlling the updates: You may not want to update any of your existing app or game. With this app, you can take full control of updates of any app or game. If you wish not to update a features game, for instance, this android app enables you to achieve that.

Where to Download Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher APK is a cracking app. So, it is not available on the Google App Store. However, you can download Lucky Patcher 2019 APK file from the website and enjoy un-interrupted, full-featured and free app usage or gameplay.

How to Install and Use Lucky Patcher on Android-Based Smart Phones?

Following steps will help you in installing this useful patcher.

Step No 1: Download Lucky Patcher APK. Use the following link to download the latest version:

Download APK

Step No 2: Change smartphone settings for enabling installation. For this purpose Go to Settings > Lock Screen and Security. Scroll down Lock Screen and Security settings to find Unknown Sources setting. Swipe the options to allow installation from unknown sources. This is because this app is not downloaded from Google Play Store. The known source for mobile apps on smartphones is Google Play Store.

Step No 3: Go to the folder in your smartphone where you have downloaded the Lucky Patcher APK file. Click the Apk file in order to begin the installation.

Step No 4: The installation wizard will require you to allow certain permissions for installation to proceed. You don`t have to worry about it. Click Install.

The installation wizard will begin.

Step No 5: During the installation wizard, a warning message titled “Blocked by Play Protect” will be popped up. The reason for this is the same as described in the heading “Where to Download Lucky Patcher?”. Don`t worry about it. Click the tab titled Details and click Install anyway (unsafe).

Wait for some time after which your patcher will be installed successfully. Now you can use many features of this useful app as discussed earlier.

Step No 6: Open the installed app

Step No 7: After opening the app grant root access to the device. The only requirement for this APK app to work is a rooted device. A smart phone device can be easily rooted using tools like TowelRoot or KingRoot

Step No 8: After rooting the device, you will be able to see list of installed apps or games. Moreover, app title will be color coded and list of actions allowed to perform will also be displayed by clicking on the installed mobile application. Color code can be interpreted as follows:

  • Green color indicates that app can be registered and disconnected from Google Play Store
  • Yellow color indicates the availability of a patch
  • Blue color presents Google ads which can be disabled
  • Purple color means that app is system startup app
  • Orange color indicates system app
  • Red color indicates that app cannot be updated or modified

How to Install and Use Lucky Patcher on Computer with Windows 7/8/8.1/10?

Step No 1: Download the APK for Windows.

Step No 2: Download and install rooted version of BlueStacks on your computer

Step No 3: Find and double click the downloaded APK file. App will be installed in a few steps.

Step No 4: Run the Patcher app and it will display a list of installed apps on BlueStacks. Now you can enjoy free featured games and apps even on your laptop or desktop computer.

Apps Supported by this APK

Titanium Backup: Titanium backup assists users in backing-up, restoring and freezing of systems apps, protected apps, and data. Freezing feature is only available in Pro version. It also allows scheduled backup. Data and apps are synchronized to Dropbox or Google drive. Encryption is also provided by this app for securing data.

Rocket Music Player: A mature music player which supports powerful 10-band graphic equalizer for changing the listening experience. It also provides multiple themes. This music player also supports most of the audio formats.

NQ Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos, App Lock, Cloud backup: This app is specially designed for hiding private pictures, videos, sms, and contacts of a mobile phone. Additional features include applock, cloud backup, and incognito browsing.

Avast Mobile Security 2018: A powerful security app that helps to protect android based phones against security threats. It detects and notifies about spyware and adware. Moreover, avast mobile security also saves users from phishing from different sources.

GoldenDict: It is a paid dictionary app with no adds and multi-dictionaries. The trial version is also available. It includes attractive articles involving images, colors, and sounds.

GO SMS Pro – Messenger, Free Themes, Emoji: It is an attractive messaging app from GOMO Apps. It comes in both free and pro versions. Pro version allows attractive features like unlimited cloud storage, paid themes, private boxes for hiding presence and many more.

Blacklist: An advanced SMSand call blocker/filter. It provides powerful features in dealing with unknown callers or text messages.

Loader Droid download manager: Android-based download manager for downloading images, videos, audios, and applications. With this app downloading is simplified and made easy. It also supports auto-pause and auto-resume facilities. Downloads can also be scheduled. The free version comes with adds. In order to stop seeing add, you must purchase pro version by buying a license key.

tTorrent Lite: P2P torrent for an Android platform for downloading movies, software and many more. It is available in free and pro versions. The free version is not fully featured. Free version contains ads.

SMS Backup & RestoreSMS can be backed up and restored by using this app. As a free app, this contains adds. Backup can be done on a local drive or Dropbox. It also allows scheduled automatic backup. Backup can be restored to other mobile phones. Backup files can also be emailed.

Games Supported by this APK

Lucky Patcher compatible games are discussed below.

Candy Crush SagaCandy crush saga is a very popular game. You can get unlimited lives, boosters, Moonstruck, lollipop and bomb timer by applying patches by using the cracking app.

Hill Climb Racing: A physics based driving game developed by FingerSoft. It gives you the ultimate experience of driving different vehicles on mountains with challenging gravity, fuel, and hurdles.

My Talking Tom: Another interesting app by Outfit7. A cute cat imitates your style voice, dialogues and way of talking. Different activities can be performed with the cat. The game is very popular among kids.

Real Cricket: A very interesting and addictive game for cricket lovers. Supports in-app purchases. Batesman`s eye view camera feature is pro one. This game provides a variety of stadiums, real faced players and texture details. This game also provides different modes that can be unlocked by earning coins.

Temple Run 2: A very addictive, interesting and immaculate action game. This game includes new obstacles, power-ups and special powers of running characters. In-app purchases and adds are also supported in this app.

Pinball Arcade: Another attractive and interesting game involving 90 or more realistic pinball tables. But due to premium features, a user can only play 5 tables in a month.

Asphalt 8: Airborne: A realistic, high performance and addictive racing game including a variety of cars and bikes. Multiple locations are the main attraction in it. Vehicles from top brands like Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, and Porsche are also included but these are licensed. This game also includes annoying adds. In-app purchase is also for you people to enjoy the ultimate experience.

For more details, you can read the article Lucky Patcher Games {Updated List 2019}.


1. Is this app safe enough to use?

According to stats, there are approximately 400millions + installs of this app. So, it is pretty much safe to use.

2. Does it support all apps or games?

Well, it all depends upon your “luck”. That`s why it is called Lucky. Depending upon your skill and practice, sometimes it requires no effort at all to patch any app. However, most of the apps and games are supported by it.

3. How can I find this android APK file?

This cracking APK is not available on PlayStore. However, you can download APK file from given links.

4. How does Lucky Patcher 2019 work?

This app makes code modifications in apps. For example, if you want to bypass the license verification of an app, it will modify part of a code that verifies the license.

5. Is Lucky Patcher iOS available?

No, currently no official version for iOS has been launched so far. However, you can use Lucky Patcher iOS using iPadian Simulator. Lucky patcher iOS 11 allows you to patch latest iOS games. For more information, read the article Lucky Patcher iOS Download {Latest Update 2019} – Lucky Patcher iPhone.

I have also provided Lucky Patcher iOS download link in the article for you to be easy.

6. Why is Lucky Patcher running slow?

It can perform in a slow or hanging manner due to the following reasons:

  • Outdated system: In this case, the android version you are using does not update. Try to update the android system.
  • Busybox: Busybox is not properly working. Try installing Busybox.
  • SuperUser app: Superuser app may not be working good. Try to install the SuperSU app.

7. Why “Google Chrome” identifies it as a harmful application?

Actually, whenever you are trying to download apk files, Google Chrome shows the same warning message. There is nothing to worry about. It is completely safe to download and use this apk.

8. Can I use this app on the non-rooted device?

For this app to work properly and enjoying different functions, your device must be properly rooted. You can`t use its full features if the device is not rooted. In order to enjoy full features, root your device using different tools as discussed in this article. For more information on installation of this app on non-rooted device please read the article No Root APK Download {Latest Update 2019}.

For using Lucky Patcher on a non-rooted device you may require to download Lucky Patcher KingRoot.

9. Can I use lucky patcher APK on PC?

Absolutely, yes. There is no doubt about it. Lucky Patcher PC is available. Lucky Patcher PC download requires BlueStacks emulator. You can get more information on Lucky Patcher windows from the following link:

Lucky Patcher for PC {Latest Download Windows 7/8/8.1/10}

10. Can I use Lucky Patcher for Wheel if Fortune?

A Mod APK is basically a modified version of an app or APK. A mod APK usually provides somewhat more functionality and liberty as compared to traditional APK. You can find more details on wheel of fortune cheats.

Final Words

Due to heavy subscription or license fees placed on featured apps and games, a cracking tool is required for enjoying full-featured apps without paying a penny. Though, cracking is never been easy. But thanks to Lucky Patcher, it has now become simple, efficient and effective. You can perform different types of tasks by using this useful app. It not only allows to play fully-featured games without collecting coins or payments but also allows you to stop annoying ads displayed while gameplay. It also gives you the power to change permissions allocated to different apps. You can use it in different languages and platforms. This article helps you in finding the download link and also assists you in the installation and usage of this APK on different platforms. Common FAQs may clear out commonly developing confusions in your mind regarding this app. In short, it is an amazing app that enables common mobile users to use premium apps for free.


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